27 nov. 2011

Bulls Island

Lots of dogs on the beach  
is that stick long enough for you? 
She doesn't like the water, but she retrieved the stick from it. 
Dea and the sea 
can we go home now? 
prairie dog

24 nov. 2011

In the house

The weather forced us to stay in the house. So Dea adopted a lot of strange positions.
Sleeping on the pig 
Stretching her beautiful white long legs  
All the toys are not enough. She needed a stick

11 nov. 2011

The big stick

Dea's favourite play on the promenade is catching sticks, but because we are walking on the sea side, rarely Dea finds a stick to play with. But when she does...

She stood there until the stick was torn into little pieces. 

10 nov. 2011

On the sun

In Romania snowed for the first time, but in Ireland the mild weather let us enjoy a lot of sunny days. Even if we didn't go out a lot Dea wanted to stay in the sun 
Her own couch with toys and pillows

6 nov. 2011

Happy time on Bulls Island - Dublin

Bulls Island is very close to our home. We go there as much as possible to enjoy the beach. Dea is not so much a beach fan, but she is happy to spend time both of us.
Here is she on the beach
When we were walking towards the car a men stopped his car to take our picture. He was in love with our dog and Dea let him pat her.
Contemplating the sea